HMCS Dominion

There has been only one establishment named Dominion in the Royal Canadian Navy.

HMCS Dominion / Shore Establishment

HMCS Dominion was renamed Niobe just before moving the United Services Orphanage.

By late 1940 nearly all RCN destroyers were based in Britain on loan to the Royal Navy, and the RCN corvettes were expected in Britain a few months later.  However there was no RCN manning depot in Britain, which meant relief personnel for RCN ships had to come from the RN. This situation was unsustainable and so HMCS Dominion was commissioned. It was originally in Devonport, UK, but its location changed several times, and by spring 1941it was located in Plymouth. During this period it also sustained an office in Canada House in London, UK. This establishment combined the new manning pool and the RCN pay offices already in Britain.

By March 1941, the name Dominion was proving to be something of a problem as it was being confused with the cable address of the High Commissioner, “Dominion London.” Dominion was paid off and recommissioned as HMCS Niobe, which would continue to operate until after the end of the war.


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