HMCS Eastore

There has been only one vessel named Eastore in the Royal Canadian Navy.

HMCS Eastore  (Z56) / Supply Vessel

HMCS Eastore Z56

HMCS Eastore was one of two vessels of her class originally planned for the USN before they canceled the contracts mid-production, the other being her sister Laymore. Both ships would be acquired by the RCN before completion and fitted to the RCN’s needs. The USN had wanted to re-acquire Eastore, but she had already undergone refits for the RCN that made her unsuitable for the Americans’ purposes.

Eastore was built at Brunswick, GA, and commissioned in the RCN as a supply vessel. While stationed on the east coast she performed a variety of functions, including those of transport, boom defence, laying moorings and helping to remove and maintain defences built during the war. She served on the East Coast until she was paid off to become a Canadian Naval Auxiliary Vessel, changing her pennant to 515. She was sold on 30 July 1964.


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