HMCS Fleur de Lis

There has been only one vessel named Fleur de Lis in the Royal Canadian Navy.

HMCS Fleur de Lis  (Z31 / J16) / Examination Vessel

HMCS Fleur de Lis  Z31 / J16

Originally built for the RCMP at Montreal, QC, in 1929, the triple-screw Fleur de Lis was commissioned as a patrol craft at Halifax. This put her in close proximity to the experimental work being done at Dalhousie University, and in March 1940, Fleur de Lis became the first RCN vessel to be fitted with degaussing technology designed to demagnetize her hull and protect against mines. She operated from Shelburne in 1942 and in 1943 joined Sydney Force for examination service in the Gut of Canso, based at Mulgrave, NS. In November 1945 she was paid off and acquired by Marine Industries Ltd., who still had her in 1953 when her register was closed.


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