HMCS Ingonish

There has been only one vessel named Ingonish in the Royal Canadian Navy.

HMCS Ingonish (J69)

Ingonish was a Bangor Class minesweeper. The Bangor Class ships were built in order to replace the old Basset Class minesweepers, as they were larger, faster, had much greater endurance, and burned oil as opposed to coal. As enemy mines were laid only once, in 1943, in Canadian waters, the Canadian Bangors were used primarily as escorts to coastal shipping or as local escorts to ocean convoys.

Built at Vancouver for the Royal Navy but transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy for manning, Ingonish was commissioned on 8 May 1942. She saw her first service with the Esquimalt and Prince Rupert Forces. She left Esquimalt, British Columbia, 17 March 1943 for Halifax, Nova Scotia, where, after her arrival on 30 April, she was allocated briefly to Western Local Defence Force and then in June, to Halifax Force. Her primary role was one of convoy escort. In mid-November she had a nine-week refit at Baltimore, Maryland. In May 1944 she was transferred to Sydney Force and in February 1945 back again to Halifax Force. Following an extensive refit at Saint John, New Brunswick, she went in May to conduct works-up in Bermuda and in June sailed for England.

She was returned to the Royal Navy at Sheerness, England, on 2 July 1945 and placed in reserve until taken to Dunston-on-Tyne, England, for scrapping in 1948.

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