HMCS Trentonian

There has been only one vessel named HMCS Trentonian in the Royal Canadian Navy.

HMCS Trentonian (K368) / Flower-class corvette

Alternatively named for Trenton, Ontario because that name was too similar to other vessels in Allied navies, HMCS Trentonian was commissioned in Kingston, Ontario on 1 December 1943 and arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in late December and, after further fitting-out at Liverpool, Nova Scotia, and Halifax, left the latter port for Bermuda on 18 February 1944 for work-ups.

Returning at the beginning of March, she was assigned to Western Approaches Command and left for Londonderry, Northern Ireland on 23 April. For the next three months, she carried out escort duty in connection with the Normandy invasion. On 13 June 1944, while escorting the cable vessel St. Margaret off Normandy, USS Plunkett, an American destroyer shelled her in error. Fortunately a dud, the shell passed through her engine room and did little damage.

Late in August, HMCS Trentonian transferred to Escort Group 41 (Royal Navy) and, based at different times at Plymouth and Milford Haven, England, escorted Channel convoys. While so engaged on 22 February 1945, she was torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-1004 with the loss of six lives.

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