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Polar Knowledge Canada (POLAR) has resources to help increase awareness and knowledge related to the two circumpolar regions.


Map: Circumpolar North and Antarctica

Arctic and Antarctic maps

Polar Knowledge Canada and Natural Resources Canada's Atlas of Canada and Polar Continental Shelf programs, in collaboration with Global Affairs Canada and the British Antarctic Survey, produced these maps in March 2016.

Giant Floor Map and Teacher's Guide

Students on the giant floor map

This Giant Floor Map—created by Canadian Geographic Education (CanGeo)—gives students the opportunity to stand at the top of the world and view Canada and the Arctic from a new perspective. The Teacher's Guide includes 10 learning activities to help students explore the map. These activities provide students with the opportunity to learn about animal migration, communication and new technologies, climate change and much more.

Book the map on the CanGeo website


Engage your mind with these circumpolar-themed puzzles.

Penguin crossword

Penguin crossword preview

Did you know that there are 18 different known species of penguins? Test your knowledge about these fascinating birds!

Word searches: Antarctica place names linked to Canada

Human presence has a relatively short history in Antarctica and is often temporary. Visitors—some of them Canadian—have explored the continent and made scientific and other discoveries. The map of Antarctica commemorates some of the achievements and contributions of Canadians there.

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