Funding and support for Indigenous-led businesses and organizations

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Indigenous communities and businesses are important contributors to a strong, diversified economy in the Prairies.

PrairiesCan’s role is to advance economic development through supporting economic growth, innovation and diversification. We are here to provide assistance in developing proposals for funding that creates jobs, develops skills, increases revenue and growth, and that can bring economic benefits to Indigenous communities.

Please contact us to discuss your ideas. There is no need to complete an application form at this time.

If you are an Indigenous-led business we may be able to provide support to:

If you are a not-for-profit or an Indigenous community we may be able to provide support to:

We may also be able to provide guidance to other funding supports, procurement opportunities or resources outside of PrairiesCan.


Contact us

Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your project idea.




Other PrairiesCan support for Indigenous-led businesses

Other Government of Canada supports

Please note this is not a complete listing of Government of Canada funding programs and services available to Indigenous businesses, not-for-profits and communities. For more information, please visit the Business and Industry page of the Government of Canada.

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