Cyberbullying information for youth aged 12 – 13

What is cyberbullying?

You’ve learned about bullying and how it’s wrong. This is the same idea, except it happens online. When someone is mean or tries to threaten, hurt or embarrass someone else online, that’s cyberbullying. It can be:

Where does it happen?

Cyberbullying can happen anywhere you talk to other people online, including:

How can it affect you?

Cyberbullying can be very harmful because there is no safe zone. Cyberbullying can reach you anytime and anywhere, even at the dinner table or in the privacy of your bedroom — and can quickly be seen by a lot of people. It can make someone:

How to protect your online reputation

What is an online reputation?

Just like your reputation at school or home, your online reputation is how other people see and think of you based on what you say and do.

How is it formed?

When you are online, you leave a record of what you do and say for others to see. Things that can form your online reputation include:

How can it affect you?

If your online reputation is good, it can help you find friends, connections and future opportunities. On the other hand, if it includes mean, hurtful or embarrassing things, it can:

How can you protect it?

There are many ways to improve and protect your online reputation, including:


Cyberbullying booklet for youth ages 12-13

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