Interim Management Advisory Board for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police


The RCMP Commissioner was mandated to lead the RCMP through a transformation of its culture and management practices, including ensuring that the RCMP is free from bullying, harassment and sexual violence. The Commissioner has been clear that ensuring the health and safety of RCMP employees, including addressing harassment and violence in the workplace, will be at the center of these efforts.

The Government of Canada is establishing a new Interim Management Advisory Board for the RCMP, to provide advice on the administration and management of the RCMP, and strategies to achieve its objectives, including:

  • transformation and modernization plans;
  • the effective and efficient use of RCMP resources;
  • corporate risk and responses to address them;
  • policies and management controls that support RCMP operations;
  • human resources and labour relations;
  • corporate and strategic direction, and implementation plans including, financial and human resources strategies and multi-year plans;
  • operating and capital budgets; and
  • performance measurement and departmental results.

Pursuant to subsection 5(1) of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act (RCMP Act), the Minister may direct the Commissioner to seek the Board’s advice and require that the Commissioner report back, including on actions taken based on that advice.

Initially, the mandate of the Board will focus on key priorities of RCMP transformation, including supporting the development of a “People First Strategy,” RCMP business modernization and employee health and well-being.

Respecting the principle of police independence, the Board will not involve itself in any matters relating to active law enforcement investigations.

The Interim Management Advisory Board will consist of up to 13 part-time members appointed by the Governor in Council (GIC), including the Chair and Vice-Chair.

The Board will enhance accountability and will help ensure a diverse, healthy and effective RCMP workforce.

Establishment of the Interim Management Advisory Board will not change existing legal accountabilities:

  • The Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness will continue to be responsible for the RCMP and for exercising Portfolio leadership, including the establishment of strategic direction and priorities of the RCMP.
  • The RCMP Commissioner, under the direction of the Minister, will continue to have authority for the control and management of the RCMP and all matters connected to it.
  • The RCMP will continue to be part of the core public administration, and therefore subject to Treasury Board-led administrative and financial controls.
  • The Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP and the External Review Committee responsibilities and mandates are not altered.
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