Government of Canada announces funding to support practitioners for countering radicalization to violence


On May 10, 2024, Public Safety Canada announced a federal investment of $219,974 over two years to Modus – Zentrum für angewandte Deradikalisierungsforschung (modus|zad), in support of PreP-Ex, a collaborative project between German and Canadian subject matter experts to better address the rising threat of anti-authority forms of violent extremism. This funding was granted through the Community Resilience Fund (CRF).

PreP-Ex, which stands for ‘Preparing Practitioners for the Rising Threat of Anti-Authority Extremism’, aims to provide an improved knowledge base for civilian and law enforcement practitioners working to counter radicalization to violence (CRV). Research will be conducted jointly by Germany’s modus|zad and the Edmonton-based Organization for the Prevention of Violence (OPV), to examine and learn how anti-authority forms of ideologically motivated violent extremism take shape in the two countries, online and offline.

The joint research will be used to develop resources to assist frontline practitioners, law enforcement, policymakers, researchers, and civil society to better understand current and emerging CRV needs related to anti-authority violent extremism. Once complete, PreP-Ex will publish the most important findings, including guidance about anti-authority violent extremism, to help improve decision making and policy development. It will also develop a manual offering practical guidance for frontline practitioners, with recommendations tailored to local needs in both countries.

The Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence (Canada Centre)

Launched in 2017 and housed at Public Safety Canada, the Canada Centre is the government’s Centre of Excellence domestically and internationally on prevention of violent extremism. Its work is complementary to – but distinct from – national security, law enforcement, and criminal justice approaches. The Canada Centre leads the National Strategy on Countering Radicalization to Violence, working with academia and community-based organizations to better understand and prevent radicalization to violence before tragedies occur. The Canada Centre also funds targeted programming for research and front-line providers through the CRF.

The Canada Centre's activities include:

  • Policy guidance including the development and implementation of the National Strategy on Countering Radicalization to Violence.
  • Promoting coordination and collaboration with a range of stakeholders to build and share knowledge, and to respond to local level realities and prevent radicalization to violence.
  • Funding, planning and coordinating research to better understand radicalization to violence and how best to counter it, and mobilizing research to front-line individuals working to prevent radicalization to violence.
  • Supporting interventions through the Public Safety Canada’s Community Resilience Fund to provide financial support to initiatives that aim to prevent radicalization to violence in Canada.

Preventing and countering online hate and violent extremism in all its forms is a complex and ever-evolving issue. The Government of Canada actively works with Five Eyes partners, through the Five Country Ministerial process, as well as with its G7 and other allies, the technology industry, experts, and civil society to more effectively counter ideologically motivated violent extremism in the online space.

Community Resilience Fund (CRF)

Public Safety Canada’s CRF supports research and community-based projects for the prevention of violent extremism.

The CRF provides opportunities for local communities, organizations, practitioners, researchers and youth-led initiatives to receive funds for countering radicalization to violence initiatives, as well as for international subject matter experts to help develop evidence-based prevention in Canada. Supporting and enhancing partnerships and innovation in research and programming is key to countering radicalization to violence in Canada.

The CRF has a total of $7 million available annually to fund new and innovative projects and has provided more than $69 million in funding to 78 projects since its creation in 2017.

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