Discover the Parliamentary Precinct

Discover the art and architecture of the buildings and the grounds on and around Parliament Hill. Learn about the day-to-day operations of this large district in Canada's capital. We call it the Parliamentary Precinct.

The Parliamentary Precinct is home to Canada’s parliamentary system. The precinct is the physical expression of our commitment to democracy and the principle of freedom. It’s where senators and members of Parliament work, along with the employees who support them. As well, it’s an important place where Canadians gather to express themselves and to celebrate.

In total, the precinct includes 35 Crown-owned buildings, of which 28 are designated heritage properties.

Buildings and grounds in the precinct

Explore the blocks south of Wellington Street

Learn about the 3 city blocks across from Parliament Hill. They run between Elgin and Bank streets, and include Sparks Street.

Explore the Peace Tower

Learn about this famous tower, including its clock, Memorial Chamber, bell tower and stone carvings. Request a flag or meet the employee who changes the flag.

Explore the Centre Block

Perched on a bluff that rises from the Ottawa River, the Centre Block is the traditional home of Canada's House of Commons and Senate. They are relocated while we restore and modernize the historic building.

Explore the Library of Parliament

Learn about the oldest part of the Centre Block, the origins of the Library, the 2 fires it survived and how we modernized it.  

Explore the East Block

The East Block, first completed in 1866, then expanded in 1910, held the offices of Sir John A. Macdonald and Georges-Étienne Cartier. It was where decisions were made that shaped the history of Canada.  

Explore the West Block

The West Block, opened in 1866. It was first intended as an office for the public service. We restored and modernized it. Now, it's the House of Commons while we renovate the Centre Block.  

Explore the grounds and the Centennial Flame

The Parliament Hill grounds are the setting for national celebrations, political demonstrations and public ceremonies.

Explore the statues, monuments and memorials of the Hill

Discover the monuments dedicated to those who shaped Canada's history.

Explore the buildings near
Parliament Hill

A number of beautiful buildings near the Hill serve Canada's Parliament. Learn about the history, art and architecture of these buildings.

Explore the Senate of Canada Building

The Senate of Canada Building, formerly known as the Government Conference Centre, was recently restored and modernized. It serves as the interim home of the Senate while the Centre Block building is closed for renovations.

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