Infographic: Facts about phase 1 of the East Block project

Learn about the work completed in phase 1 of the East Block project.

Infographic: East Block project. Full text description provided below.

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Facts about phase 1 of the East Block project

The first stage of the project is focused on restoring and repairing the exterior of 4 specific areas: the southwest tower, southeast tower, south entrance and Governor General’s entrance.

We will continue to monitor the condition of the building and determine the work to be carried out during phase 2, which will include the complete restoration and modernization of the building.

Built between 1867 and 1910, the East Block is one of the world’s finest examples of High Victorian Gothic architecture.

$97.5 million invested to date

Around 500 jobs created or maintained and around 100 workers on site every day, including 35 masons.

Repairing and cleaning masonry

Restored and reused 88% of stones.

Replacing roofs

Replaced about 665 square meters  of copper roof.

Strengthening for earthquakes

Added 1154 seismic anchors.

Conserving sculptures

Cleaned and restored 157 grotesques and stone carvings.

Visit our website for more information on how we are restoring and modernizing the East Block.

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