Video: Sharlene Goveas: Protecting the Centre Block’s valuable heritage assets

Get to know Sharlene Goveas, Project Manager, who shares how her work is helping to protect valuable heritage assets during the Centre Block project.

Transcript of Sharlene Goveas: Protecting the Centre Block’s valuable heritage assets

Start of video

[Music plays]

(Text on screen: Public Services and Procurement Canada)

(Text on screen: This footage was recorded prior to the Government of Canada’s physical distancing guidelines. Canadians are encouraged to continue to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines.)

[Wide shot of Sharlene Goveas standing and looking at the camera]

[Shot of Sharlene Goveas speaking and wearing a white construction hat, safety goggles and an orange safety vest.]

(Text on screen: Sharlene Goveas, Project Manager, Centre Block Rehabilitation, Science and Parliamentary Infrastructure Branch, Public Services and Procurement Canada)

My name is Sharlene Goveas and I work for PSPC for the Centre Block rehabilitation project.

My title is project manager.

[Shot of hallway with plywood on bottom part of the wall and around door frames]

[Shot of worker wheeling a piece of wood on a cart down hallway]

(Text on screen: Levels containing lower heritage assets)

[Image of Centre Block graphic that shows levels in the building]

My role as project manager is the demolition and abatement of level 654 and the attic at Centre Block.

[Shot of Sharlene Goveas speaking]

[Shot of floors protected with wood and warning sign that reads “Restricted Loading Zone / Zone restreinte de chargement”]

[Wide shot of Sharlene Goveas speaking and wearing a white construction hat]

(Text on screen: “In Situ” = “Heritage Conservation Completed Onsite”)

(Text on screen: “In Situ” and arrows pointing to various objects in the room)

So part of the heritage protection that we did was making sure that all the floors were protected; the marble wainscoting. Any heritage assets that weren't going to be removed out of the building and had to remain in situ had to be protected

[Shot of Sharlene Goveas speaking]

(Graphic next to Sharlene Goveas: Triangle with the words “PSPC, PCL-ED, CENTRUS, CM=Construction Manager, Design Consultant”)

[Shot of workers at the top of the stairs, with one worker holding a large rectangular piece of material]

[Shot of worker putting material on wall under a window]

[Shot of worker’s silhouette behind a white tarp]

(Text on screen: Abatement = “Removal of designated substances such as asbestos”)

So we worked with the heritage triangle team from the CM the consultant and PSPC to ensure that everything was protected adequately before we started heritage removals and demolition abatement.

[Shot of Sharlene Goveas speaking]

[Shot of workers painting and spraying purple paint on wall with white tarps and blue tape around it]

This job is just filled with so many knowledgeable and talented people who have such a passion for their work it is hard not to get excited about what you're doing when you're surrounded by people like that.

[Shot of brass decorative artwork]

[Close-up shot of stone carving of a face]

[Shot of stone carving of a bird and flowers]

[Shot of decorative moulds]

[Shot of large painting on the wall]

[Shot of Sharlene Goveas speaking]

And anybody that you run into will take as much time as you want to tell you the history of whatever you're looking at or whatever the moulds mean or the pictures and so you just learn so much being on the job and I love to learn so it's just probably the best part of my day is running into people.

(Text on screen: Check us out:,,,

[Music stops]

(Public Services and Procurement Canada signature)

(Canada Wordmark)

End of video

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