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The Intellectual Property (IP) Centre of Expertise was created as part of the National Intellectual Property Strategy. The National IP Strategy is a series of initiatives intended to help Canadian innovators reap the full rewards of their inventions and creations.

The IP Centre of Expertise works with federal organizations and programs to ensure that federal public servants have the IP resources necessary to carry out their duties and that IP is addressed and managed in a way that adds value for Canadian businesses and the Canadian public.

Since its inception, the IP Centre of Expertise has provided professional IP advice and training while facilitating important IP discussions and actions to numerous federal organizations and programs across the government.

If you are a federal public servant

Find out more about IP-related services that the IP Centre of Expertise* can offer to you and/or your organization.

*Available only on the Government of Canada network. If you feel you should have access to this site and currently do not, please contact us.

If you are a business or innovator

Find out more about IP products and services offered by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office or discover public sector-developed IP on ExploreIP: Canada's IP Marketplace and find out more about IP licensing and collaboration opportunities.

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