National historic sites

Canada’s national historic sites bear witness to this nation's defining moments and illustrate its human creativity and cultural traditions. Each national historic site tells its own unique story, part of the greater story of Canada, contributing a sense of time, identity, and place to our understanding of Canada as a whole.


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Find a national historic site

Discover the sacred spaces, battlefields, archaeological sites, buildings and streetscapes that make up Canada’s national historic sites.

The National Battlefields Commission: Plains of Abraham

Discover the Plains of Abraham – the scene of the 1759 battle between England and France that changed the destiny of North America.

Plan your visit to a national historic site

Plan a visit to a national historic site managed by Parks Canada, and experience Canada’s history first-hand.

Directory of Federal Heritage Designations

Learn more about the people, places and events that have helped shape our country. The Directory contains close to 3,500 designations.

Canadian Register of Historic Places

Discover more than 12,500 historic places designated by national, provincial, territorial and local governments.

National Historic Sites Cost-Sharing Program

Apply for funding to support the protection, preservation and commemoration of non-federally owned or administered national historic sites.

Heritage lighthouses

Learn how Canada’s heritage lighthouses are being conserved and protected to continue to be an integral part of Canada’s identity, culture and heritage.

Historic canals of Canada

Discover historic canals and trace the exploration, defence, commerce, and transportation routes that helped shape Canada.

Archaeology in national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas

Find out about archaeological initiatives in Canada’s national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas.

World heritage sites

Discover Canada’s 17 World Heritage sites and the seven sites on Canada’s Tentative List of World Heritage sites.

This week in history – national historic sites

Tune in weekly for revealing insights and anecdotes about Canada’s fascinating story.

Get involved with Parks Canada

Find out about youth programs and activities in Canada’s national historic sites, national parks and national marine conservation areas.


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