Dress instructions | Annex A Categories and orders of dress

Category Order Occasions when Worn
(Accoutrements) No. 1
  1. Formal state and military ceremonies and parades, including:
    1. inspections, church parades and service funerals;
    2. investitures;
    3. guards of honour;


The order of dress for a guard of honour is not necessarily the same as that of the honoured personage, who normally arrives dressed for the occasion or duty in any dress from No. 1 Order to civilian attire.
  1. in attendance on or as escorts to, Royal and vice-regal personages;
  2. exchanging ceremonial visits or official calls, if considered appropriate;
  3. as a representative of the CAF at formal civilian functions;
  4. formal military weddings; and
  5. other occasions as ordered.
(Medals only) No. 1A
  1. Formal and other significant occasions for which the wearing of complete ceremonial attire – No. 1 or 1B orders – is not deemed necessary or appropriate; ie., no swords, ceremonial belts, bayonets, etc.:
    1. investitures;
    2. levees;
    3. ceremonial parades;
    4. ceremonial occasions, when attending as a spectator;
    5. on Remembrance Days in messes;
    6. formal military weddings; and
    7. other occasions as ordered.
(Full Dress) No. 1B As for No. 1 or 1A orders of dress. Worn by authorized units only (see Chapter 6).
(Undress)   No. 1C As for No. 1 or 1A orders of dress. Optional undress order, worn when permitted by authorized units (see Chapter 6).  
(Undress) No. 1D As for No. 1C order of dress with undress ribbons. For wear on less formal occasions at which the wearing of orders, decorations and medals would be considered inappropriate (see Chapter 6).
(Mess Standard) No. 2
  1. Formal evening functions such as:
    1. mess dinners;
    2. other formal mess functions; and
    3. service and civilian occasions where formal attire would be deemed appropriate, for example, formal receptions, dinners and weddings which occur in the evening.
(Mess White) No. 2A As for No. 2 Order during hot weather, or as ordered.
(Mess Service) No. 2B As for No. 2 Order, or as ordered.
(Mess Shipboard) No. 2C Aboard ship for evening wear, when ordered.
(Duty) No. 3
  1. Daily duty and travel dress, suitable for all occasions, including:
    1. divisions, routine parades and inspections;
    2. public appearances;
    3. off-duty wear;
    4. appropriate military social occasions; and
    5. other occasions as ordered.
(Long-Sleeved Shirt) No. 3A
  1. Indoors, when an occasion allows the removal of jackets for a more casual work appearance. May be worn:
    1. aboard military vehicles, ships and aircraft;
    2. within the confines of DND property, including military buildings, or those areas of public buildings occupied by the military; and
    3. may be worn as walking out dress when worn with headdress.
(Short-Sleeved Shirt) No. 3B Worn in lieu of No. 3 Order on more casual occasions.
OPERATIONAL DRESS - Worn during operations, operational training, or as ordered.
OCCUPATIONAL DRESS - Worn by members of authorized occupations when engaged in specified occupation activity. See Chapter 7.

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