Dress instructions | Annex A Armoured regiments


  1. Universal Patterns. The universal full dress pattern for each type of regiment is illustrated in Figures 6A-1 and 6A-2. Authorized regimental differences from these patterns are noted below. Undress clothing items are also described where authorized (Army Reserve only) and different from the universal patterns described in Chapter 6, paragraph 16.
  2. Types of Armoured Regiments. Canadian armoured regiments are organized, titled and uniformed in full dress as:
    1. Horse Guards and Dragoon Guards – blue tunic;
    2. Horse – scarlet tunic;
    3. Dragoons – scarlet tunic;
    4. Hussars – blue tunic; and
    5. Tank and Mounted Infantry – scarlet tunic.
  3. Facing Colours. The facing colour is midnight blue unless otherwise authorized.


  1. The Royal Canadian Dragoons. Dragoons. Brass metal helmet with black plume.
  2. Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians). Horse. Myrtle green facings; brass metal helmet with red and white plume.
  3. 12 e Régiment blindé du Canada (Regular and Army Reserve). Mounted infantry. Yellow facings.
  4. The Governor General’s Horse Guards. Horse guards; uniformed as dragoon guards. Scarlet facings; white piping and lace on collar, shoulder strap and cuffs ; Austrian knot of former 6DG style ; aiguillette embellishment according to regimental custom; white metal helmet with scarlet plume; scarlet 6.3 cm trouser stripe. Undress – beret: camp flag patch.
  5. The Halifax Rifles (RCAC). To be published.
  6. The Ontario Regiment (RCAC). Mounted infantry.
  7. The Queen’s York Rangers (1 st American Regiment) (RCAC). Mounted infantry. Green tunic, blue amethyst facings; white piping; officers and CWO, silver lace.
  8. The Sherbrooke Hussars. Hussars. Wolseley helmet.
  9. 8 th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise’s). Hussars. White facings; white busby bag and plume.
  10. 1 st  Hussars. Hussars. Buff facings; buff busby bag; white plume; white trouser stripes.
  11. The Prince Edward Island Regiment (RCAC). Mounted infantry. Wolseley helmet with yellow over red plume.
  12. The Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal). Hussars. White facings; white busby bag; white plume; white trouser stripes.
  13. The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own). Mounted infantry. Green tunic, black facings.
  14. The South Alberta Light Horse. Horse. Yellow facings; light-cavalry style Austrian knot. Wolseley helmet; light-cavalry trouser stripes.
  15. The Saskatchewan Dragoons. Dragoons. Wolseley helmet.
  16. The King’s Own Calgary Regiment (RCAC).Mounted infantry.
  17. The British Columbia Dragoons. Dragoons. Yellow facings; Wolseley helmet.
  18. The Fort Garry Horse. Horse. Yellow facings; Wolseley helmet.
  19. Le Régiment de Hull (RCAC). Mounted infantry.
  20. The Windsor Regiment (RCAC). Tank. Black facings. White light-cavalry trouser stripes.

Figure 6A-1 Full Dress – Armour (Less Hussars)

Figure 6A-2 Full Dress – Armour (Hussars)

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