Heritage Structure | Annex C – Precedence Within Canadian Special Operations Forces Command

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  • Annex C – Precedence Within Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (1C-1)


  1. ChThe precedence of special operations forces units is based on component, formation, or by branch.
  2. ChPrecedence among units of special operations forces follows the same order as that for branches, except that Joint Task Force Two takes precedence over all units, unless there exists a naval special operations unit.
  3. ChOrder of precedence for special operations units is as follows:
    1. ChJoint Task Force Two,
    2. ChCanadian Special Operations Regiment,
    3. Ch427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron, and
    4. ChCanadian Forces Joint Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defence Company.


  1. ChJoint Task Force Two only has precedence within Canadian Special Operations Forces Command. As a unit, they are not authorized to parade outside of the command, and as such, have no precedence amongst other Canadian Forces units.
  2. ChWhen Canadian Special Operations Forces Command units are on Canadian Forces parades (refer to Section 1, paragraph 17.), units shall parade in accordance with this Annex and Section 1, paragraph 17., regardless of the units' branch identity.

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