Heritage Structure | Section 3 – Official portraits

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  1. This section sets out the policy for the procurement (at public expense), accounting, displaying and disposal of official portraits which include:
    1. the Sovereign;
    2. the Governor General of Canada;
    3. the Minister of National Defence;
    4. the Chief of the Defence Staff; and
    5. the Canadian Armed Forces Chief Warrant Officer.
  2. For these purposes, "photographs" includes lithographies.
  3. Official portraits provided at public expense as per CAF publication A-PH-007-000/AG-001 (Draft) will not be autographed.


  1. Official Portraits. Photography for official portraits may be undertaken by the CFSU(O) Imaging Services or by a civilian professional photography studio. Prints of official portraits are available to all elements of DND/CAF on a scale of one set for each administrative headquarters, and one set for each officially constituted mess or club. Supplies of official portraits will be held by the CAF Publications Depot. Initial distribution will be effected automatically each time a change is appropriate, and as stocks become available.
  2. The official portrait of the Queen is made available at a size measuring 36 cm x 48 cm (14 in. x 17 in.). All other official portraits are made available at a size of 28 cm x 36 cm overall (11 in. x 14 in.).
  3. For reference purposes, the applicable supply information is as follows:
    1. Queen of Canada: NDID A-PH-004-000/DA-001;
    2. Governor General of Canada: NDID A-PH-004-000/DA-002;
    3. Minister of National Defence portrait: NDID A-PH-004-000/DA-003;
    4. Chief of Defence Staff: NDID A-PH-004-000/DA-004; and
    5. Canadian Armed Forces Chief Warrant Officer: NDID A-PH-004-000/DA-005.
  4. Prints will be provided unframed. Procurement of the frames and mounting of the portraits is the responsibility of the receiving unit.


  1. Official portraits may be displayed by all elements of the Canadian Armed Forces in an appropriate area in each administrative headquarters and officially constituted mess or club. When so displayed, they shall be displayed in the following order:
    1. the Sovereign;
    2. the Governor General as Commander‑in‑Chief of Canada;
    3. the Minister of National Defence;
    4. the Chief of the Defence Staff; and
    5. the Canadian Armed Forces Chief Warrant Officer.
  2. Normally, official portraits are mounted side by side on the same level, and in the order of precedence stated above, from left to right as seen by the viewer. If space is at a premium, portraits of those senior in precedence may be mounted in a row above the others. When the portraits of Commanders of Commands and of Base, Garrison, Wing, and Unit Commanders are also displayed, they will, if space is available, be mounted in a separate row beneath the official portraits. All official portraits shall be displayed in a suitable frame. Where the name and title has been printed on the official portrait that information shall be visible when framed.
  3. Photographs shall be draped during the period of military mourning and removed from public view on completion of the mourning.


  1. Official Portraits. On disbandment of a unit, official portraits may be retained as part of the historical records of the unit.
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