Second World War (1939-1945)

Second World War (1939-1945)

Canada’s role in the Second World War (WW2). Timelines, remembrance and archival records, as well as the people who fought.


Services and information

Canada’s military role

Canada’s involvement in each part of the Second World War.

Museum exhibits

Museums and their exhibits on Second World War themes.

Chronology of the Second World War

Timeline of Canadian activity in the Second World War.

Battles and campaigns

Major battles and campaigns of the Second World War.

Anniversaries and commemorations

Upcoming events to commemorate Canada’s major milestones from the Second World War.

Memorials, honours and medals

Memorials and medals honouring Canadians who served in the Second World War.

Indigenous Peoples in the war

The roles Indigenous men and women played in the Second World War.

Women and the war

The roles women played in the Second World War, including personal accounts.

Historical archives

Historical databases, files and records from the Second World War.

National historic sites

Plan your visit to Canadian landmarks that served a special purpose during World War II.


Documentaries and archival footage about World War II.

What we are doing


Forged in Fire Exhibit

A vintage car on display at the Forged in Fire Exhibit at the Canadian War Museum

Plan a trip to the Canadian War Museum to view their largest and most visited gallery which studies the Second World War.

Traitor or Patriot (film)

Quebec Premier Adélard Godbout, who represented the province during the Second World War

Watch this feature-length documentary about Adélard Godbout, Premier of Quebec during the Second World War.

Democracy at War

Operations staff of the 1st Canadian Army Tank Brigade, Rottingdean, England 1942-1943

Browse this collection of more than 140,000 Canadian news stories and editorials, documenting every aspect of the war.

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