Securing the border

Securing the border

How border security keeps Canadians safe by screening people and goods. Report suspicious cross-border activity.


Services and information

Screening people at the border

How visitors to Canada are screened at the border, and why border services officers arrest, detain and remove visitors.

Screening goods at the border

What you need to know before crossing the border, how goods are screened, and the tools used to detect illegal goods.

Commercial and trade safety

Programs and services that ensure a secure and efficient flow of goods at the border.

Intelligence and risk management

How intelligence and risk management are protecting the safety of all Canadians while speeding up processing times.

Joint Canada/U.S. border programs

How Canada and the US are working together to improve border and trade security.

Report suspicious activity

Report suspicious cross-border activity, smuggling, and other border-related offences.

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