Business and economic development for Indigenous peoples

Programs and services to increase business skills, invest in a business or develop land on a reserve.

Services and information

Indigenous business development

Programs that support Indigenous entrepreneurs and business owners in Canada.

Community economic development

Programs and services that support Indigenous businesses, develop land on reserve and assist in land management strategies.

Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Program

Apply for funding from an Indigenous financial institution to start or support your business.

Procurement strategy for Indigenous business

Find out how your Indigenous business can compete for Government of Canada contracts.

Growth capital for Indigenous business

Get funding to start a business or grow your existing 1 on a reserve or off.

Indigenous Business Directory

Search a list of Indigenous businesses in Canada or register your business in the directory.

Strategic Partnerships Initiative

Support offered to Indigenous communities to take part in economic development opportunities.

Community Opportunity Readiness Program

Apply for financial support to develop a First Nation or Inuit community economic opportunity.

Lands and Economic Development Services Program

Funding to support economic development in First Nations and Inuit communities.

Reserve Lands and Environment Management Program

Apply for funding to increase your community's land management responsibilities.

First Nations Land Management Regime

Find out how First Nations can develop their own laws for land use and take advantage of economic development opportunities.

Indigenous Forestry Initiative

Financial support to Indigenous-led economic development projects in Canada's forest sector.

Community Readiness and Opportunities Planning (territories)

Financial support to improve the capacity of First Nations and Inuit communities to plan, pursue and take part in economic opportunities.

Entrepreneurship and Business Development (territories)

Funding to grow your Indigenous business.


The reconciliation journey

New steps on the journey of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

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