Environment and natural resources for Indigenous Peoples

Managing environment and sustainable natural resources including fisheries, forestry, mining, water, land, climate change and contaminated sites.

Services and information

Environmental management

Programs and activities designed to protect the environment on First Nations lands.

Indigenous Climate Funding

Funding programs to support Indigenous climate action for a safer and cleaner environment.

Water in First Nations

Find out how the Government of Canada works with First Nations to end long-term drinking water advisories and improve water and wastewater systems on reserve.

Climate change

Programs designed to help Indigenous and Northern communities adapt to the effects of a changing climate.

Indigenous environmental leadership, funding, and initiatives

Indigenous environmental leadership, funding, programs, initiatives and partnerships.

Indigenous participation in mining

Information products on Indigenous participation in exploration and mining, and tools for capacity-building and sound decision-making.

Mining and minerals

Development and management of mineral resources on First Nations lands.

Aboriginal fishing

Programs supporting Indigenous fisheries and funding for commercial fishing development and conservation.

Oil, gas and energy

The management of oil and gas resources on First Nations lands.

Community economic development

Programs and services that support Indigenous businesses, develop land on reserve and assist in land management strategies.

Participation of Indigenous Peoples in impact assessments

Working with Indigenous Peoples on federal impact assessments in a way that respects the rights and cultures of Indigenous Peoples, and protects and ensures consideration of Indigenous knowledge.

Environment and natural resources in the North

Learn more about co-management of natural resources, climate change, environmental protection and fishing/hunting in the North.

Contaminated Sites Management Program

The assessment and remediation of contaminated sites on reserve lands and other lands under the responsibility of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada.

Environmental review process for projects on reserve land

The environmental review process for lower-risk projects developed on reserve lands.


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