Canadians and communities are encouraged to learn about the specific risks and hazards in their regions and the actions they can take to help minimize risks, reduce the impact of a disaster and recover following an incident.

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What to do in an emergency

Learn what to do before, during and after an emergency and who does what in an emergency situation.

Natural hazards

Find out about risks in your region and how to prepare for different situations.

Disaster prevention and mitigation

Learn about how prevention and mitigation help reduce the impacts of disaster response and recovery. Find out how we are working with governments and stakeholders to promote disaster prevention and mitigation using a risk-based and all-hazards approach.

Emergency preparedness

Learn about how you can prepare your family for an emergency and learn about how we are working with provincial and territorial governments, academia, national associations and non-governmental organizations to strengthen national emergency preparedness.

Business continuity planning

Learn more about how to create your organization's business continuity plan to ensure you have the resources and information needed to deal with the risk from potential disasters.

Emergency response

Most emergencies are local in nature and are managed at the community or provincial/territorial level. Learn about how the Government of Canada responds to emergency events and how we coordinate responses to events affecting the national interest.

Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive events

Learn what to do in the event of bomb threats, nuclear emergencies, pandemic influenza, suspicious packages and power outages and learn how all levels of government within Canada have collaborated to develop a strategy to enhance and sustain Canada's resilience to these events.

Recovery from disasters

Learn about how we support the efforts of communities to recover from emergencies.


Wildfire Response

Wildfire Response

Government of Canada emergency response, support, and recovery measures.

Flooding response

Flooding response

Government of Canada emergency response, support, and recovery measures.

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