Independent oversight and review of the RCMP

Independent oversight and review of the RCMP

Information on public complaints against the RCMP and on the external review of employment-related decisions within the RCMP.


Services and information

Make a complaint about the conduct of an RCMP member

Learn how members of the public can file a complaint about the on-duty conduct of an RCMP member.

Request a review of the RCMP's handling of your complaint about a member

Learn how to request a review if you have made a complaint concerning the on-duty conduct of an RCMP member and are not satisfied with the way the RCMP handled your complaint.

Civilian complaint and review process

Find out more about the process involved when a complaint is made against a member of the RCMP.

Ongoing investigations into complaints against the RCMP

Learn about ongoing public interest investigations being carried out by the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP.

External review of RCMP labour relations decisions

Learn what kinds of appeals of decisions regarding employment matters in the RCMP are subject to independent external review, findings and recommendations.

Findings and recommendations issued for RCMP labour relations decisions

Access summaries of the findings and recommendations issued to the Commissioner of the RCMP by the RCMP External Review Committee.

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