Specialized policing units and services

Specialized policing units and services

Learn about the specialized policing units and services used to support law enforcement at the federal level.

Services and information

Protective policing and operations

Learn about the role of the RCMP in the protection of Canadian and Foreign Dignitaries, and as protective security during major events.

Police service dogs

Learn about the police service dog program, and how it is implemented.

Crisis intervention

Learn about the training federal officers take to ensure appropriate crisis intervention steps are taken in the line of duty.

Certificate services and public key infrastructure

Learn about the services in place that enable RCMP members to work in a secure and trust-worthy networking environment.

Public order

Find information about how public order during demonstrations and protests is maintained and enforced.

Witness protection

Learn about the witness protection program, one of the most important tools available to help combat criminal activity.

Emergency response team

Learn about the Emergency response team, a group of highly-trained RCMP members capable of employing specialized weapons, equipment, and tactics to resolve extremely high-risk situations.

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