Research and developmentĀ (R&D) collaboration

Research and development (R&D) collaboration

Partnerships between business, government and academics on R&D and commercialization opportunities.


Services and information

Global innovation collaboration

International partnerships to help you accelerate the pace of your discovery and commercialization.

Economic Strategy Tables

Sectoral growth strategies, membership and meeting minutes.

Aerospace Research Centre

Research in design, manufacturing, performance and maintenance of air and space vehicles.

Agricultural science and innovation

Agricultural research that contributes to the growth and development of Canada's agricultural sector.

Aquatic and Crop Resource Development Research Centre

Research related to the improved sustainability of foods and other bio-product sectors.

Herzberg Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Centre

Access to world-class observatories and other astronomy and astrophysics infrastructure.

Automotive and Surface Transportation Research Centre

R&D and advanced manufacturing skills to aid in the development of lighter, eco-friendly and more economical vehicles.

Construction Research Centre

Advanced technology to support building materials and regulations, fire safety, infrastructure and more.

Defence science and technology

The science and technology that provides the Canadian Armed Forces with a tactical and strategic edge.

Energy, Mining and Environment Research Centre

Opportunities to reduce environmental risks and increase global competitiveness in the energy and mining sectors.

Health research collaboration

How to partner with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research on leading-edge health research.

Human Health Therapeutics Research Centre

Opportunities to develop and manufacture advanced therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics technologies.

Advanced Electronics and Photonics Research Centre

Expertise and facilities related to software development, semiconducting materials and photonic device design.

Metrology Research Centre

Conducts measurement research and provide metrological services, to effectively and efficiently serve the marketplace.

Medical Devices Research Centre

Leading-edge scientific infrastructure and expertise in medical diagnostic technology development.

Natural sciences and engineering research collaboration

A scalable set of tools to engage with university and college researchers to bring new products to market.

Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering Research Centre

Opportunities to develop solutions to engineering challenges within harsh/extreme ocean, coastal and river environments.

Security and Disruptive Technologies Research Centre

Facilities and technical support for nanotechnologies, advanced materials, photonics and quantum technologies.

Wireless technology R&D collaboration

Doing business and collaborating with the Communications Research Centre on advanced wireless technologies.

Superclusters in Canada

Networks and partnerships within Canada's innovation ecosystem.

Design and Experimentation Centre of Expertise

Collaborates with businesses and organizations, uses evidence-based decision making, and thoroughly testing to improve government services.

Nanotechnology Research Centre

An enabling technology that devises nanoscience platforms applied across scientific fields in several industry sectors.

Digital Technologies Research Centre

Advanced analytics, computer vision, natural language processing and artificial intelligence technologies.

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