Open data, statistics and archives

Open data, statistics and archives

Government data, statistics, analyses and archival information to assist with research and discovery.

Services and information

Open data

Searchable data from the government, working with datasets and what others are doing with open data.

Open information

Government spending, proactive disclosure, regulatory plans and access to information summaries and requests.

Statistical studies and papers

Search studies, research papers and technical papers released by Statistics Canada.

My StatCan

A customizable one-stop portal to quickly access your saved reports, notifications and online discussions.

Canadian census data

Statistical portraits of Canadians updated every five years.

Data Tables

Free downloads of Canadian socioeconomic datasets for research and reuse.

Science and technology statistics

Data and analysis on research and development (R&D), innovation, technology and intellectual property.

Science and technology surveys and statistical programs

Science and technology-related surveys and statistical programs broken down by sub-topic.

Library and archives search

Searchable archival holdings, digital images, ancestral information and other published materials in Canada.

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