Canadian universities to study past and present on Mars using Curiosity rover

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Longueuil, Quebec,  — The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is funding York University and the University of Calgary to support scientists as they take a deep dive into the mysteries of the Martian surface.

These scientists will use data collected by the Curiosity rover, as part of the Mars Science Laboratory mission, to accomplish their research goals:

  • Dr. John Moores, from York University, will take a closer look at the factors that affect weather at the Gale Crater on Mars; and
  • Dr. Benjamin Tutolo, from the University of Calgary, will study Mars's geological record, through a careful look at the layers of rock around the rover near Mount Sharp.

Read more about Canada's role in the mission.

Media representatives interested in talking to a CSA expert or scientists from the Canadian universities may contact:

CSA expert or the scientists from Canadian universities contact list
Expert Contact
Canadian Space Agency
Dr. Tim Haltigin,
Planetary Senior Mission Scientist
Canadian Space Agency Media Relations Office
York University
Dr. John Moores,
Associate Professor & York Research Chair in Space Exploration at the Lassonde School of Engineering
Matt LaForge
York University Media Relations
University of Calgary
Dr. Benjamin Tutolo,
Associate Professor in the Department of Geoscience
Dr. Benjamin Tutolo

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