CANSOFCOM Command Culture Statement


We are Canada’s agile, immediate response force conducting special operations at home and abroad. We are an operationally focused organization, always ready to respond to any emerging crisis whenever our nation calls. We exist to serve Canada and to protect Canadians.

Our motto

“We will find a way” is an expression of our determination to excel in an ethical, moral and legal way. We, the CANSOFCOM members, have the duty to ensure that our culture always remains honourable and serves as our moral compass, uniting us and creating our critical collective resilience. We live our ethos and values to their fullest extent, in a manner that we can be proud of, now, and into the future.

Our mission

CANSOFCOM provides the CDS and supported Commanders agile, high readiness Special Operations Forces optimized to prevail on operations both at home and abroad.

Our values

We are CAF members. We are invested in our CAF ethical principles and live our CAF military values of loyalty, integrity, courage, excellence, inclusion, and accountability. We espouse our CAF professional expectations of duty, unlimited liability, fighting spirit, leadership, discipline, teamwork, readiness, and stewardship.

We rely on the diverse experience, expertise, and knowledge of our military and civilian members as active contributors to CANSOFCOM’s unified culture. Together, we embrace SOF specific values while serving our nation: the relentless pursuit of excellence, shared responsibility, determination, creativity, and humility.

Our people

We reside in units that each have their own unique missions and responsibilities; each with absolute purpose and value to the Command. When regrouped in Special Operations Task Forces, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  It is the Units’ very unique specialties that create the diversity of thought and of ideas that together make up the SOF culture and mindset. Our people are the heart of our Command. We work together, innovate, and solve complex problems. Our culture relies on selecting the right people and empowering them with trust; ultimately making CANSOFCOM successful on behalf of the CAF, Canada, and Canadians.

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