Mandate of the Special Operations Forces

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Our mission

To provide the Chief of the Defence Staff and supported Commanders agile, high-readiness Special Operations Forces optimized to prevail on operations both at home and abroad.

Our vision

Fully integrated, connected and empowered Special Operations professionals, postured to:

  • Advise, enable and lead in the detection, pursuit and defeat of asymmetric threats to Canada across all domains
  • Excel as a military force at the National Defence/National Security nexus within the grey spaces of conflict
  • Be a key partner in the joint force, and in the joint fight

Who we are

Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) is an organization made up of specialized members. We are:

  • specifically selected, equipped and trained for unique missions
  • used when military risk is high or when extra fidelity is required
  • often deployed to achieve strategic effect through tactical actions
  • optimized for operating in hostile or politically sensitive areas, in times of peace or war, independently or in coordination with conventional forces

What we do

CANSOFCOM defends Canada with its core strategic capabilities:

  1. deliver an effective counter-terrorism response both domestically and abroad
  2. access, understand and influence operational environments
  3. react rapidly to emerging or immediate threats

CANSOFCOM personnel are trained and equipped to accomplish the following core tasks:

  • hostage rescue
  • direct action
  • chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear crisis response
  • sensitive site exploitation
  • combating Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • maritime special operations
  • support to non-combatant evacuation operations
  • special protection operations

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