The Government of Canada announces the transfer of the Baie-Comeau port facilities

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January 6, 2022             Baie-Comeau, Quebec               Transports Canada

Canada’s ports contribute to economic prosperity and job creation in the communities and regions they serve. Transferring local ports makes it possible to more fully develop their potential based on the needs of current users, develop new activities, and involve users and partners from the area in the management of these ports.

The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Québec Lieutenant, on behalf of the Honourable Omar Alghabra, Minister of Transport, announced today that Transport Canada has officially transferred the Baie-Comeau port facilities to the Baie-Comeau Port Corporation. In addition to transferring the port facilities, the Government of Canada has allocated $44.7 million to the Corporation to cover future costs of operating and maintaining the port facilities.

This transfer puts control of the port facilities directly into the hands of the community, which will support the local economy and contribute to job creation and tourism development opportunities that will benefit local businesses, port facility users, and the entire region.

The Baie-Comeau port facilities have been transferred under Transports Canada’s Ports Asset Transfer Program.


“I am pleased to announce the transfer of the Baie-Comeau port facilities to the Baie-Comeau Port Corporation. This transfer as well as the funding allocated by the Government of Canada, will help the Corporation maximize the potential of this port infrastructure and its operations, while promoting development of the local economy and creating jobs for the benefit of the entire region.”

The Honourable Omar Alghabra
Minister of Transport

"We have been working for years with the Baie-Comeau community to ensure that it has this important economic lever in its hands. Congratulations to all the stakeholders who, I am convinced, will develop their port facilities to their full potential."

The Honourable Pablo Rodriguez
Minister of Canadian Heritage and Québec Lieutenant

"Local organizations are in the best position to understand the needs of the communities they serve. Their presence on the ground allows them to define development paths adapted to their reality. I am therefore convinced that this transfer to the Baie-Comeau Port Corporation will be beneficial for the entire region. In the end, all of Quebec benefits from stronger regional port facilities. The Corporation will be able to carry out promising and sustainable projects, in line with our maritime vision, Advantage St. Lawrence.”

Chantal Rouleau
Minister for Transport and Minister Responsible for the Metropolis and the Montréal Region

"Baie-Comeau is a maritime city that owes its development to its port. Today, a new step was taken in our history; the community is taking charge of its port development to make it a pillar of sustainable regional development. With its industrial port zone, Baie-Comeau has all the assets to be a prosperous, innovative and forward-looking northern city."

Yves Montigny
Mayor of Baie-Comeau

“The Baie-Comeau Port Corporation will make the port a profitable and safe site, offering innovative and efficient services, leading the way in sustainable regional development, and contributing to the prosperity and visibility of our community.”

Karine Otis
Director General, Baie-Comeau Port Corporation

Quick facts

  • Launched in April 2015, the aim of the Ports Asset Transfer Program (PATP) is to facilitate the transfer of the remaining port assets in the Transport Canada inventory to other entities. The goal is to sell or transfer port assets administered by Transport Canada to interested parties, namely Crown corporations and other federal departments, provincial governments and municipalities, non-profit organizations, the public as well as Indigenous groups.

  • In March 2019, the Government of Canada began formal negotiations with the Baie-Comeau Port Corporation with a view to a possible transfer. Private wharves and ferry facilities are outside the boundaries of the properties belonging to Transport Canada and are not included in this transfer.

  • The Baie-Comeau port facilities are located on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence, near the mouth of the Manicouagan River. The Port of Baie-Comeau ships industrial products manufactured in the region around the world.

  • The Port of Baie-Comeau accommodates the transhipment of cargo such as aluminum in raw form, salt, sodium chloride and various other goods.

  • The Port of Baie-Comeau is open to navigation year-round, enabling the transhipment of more than 525,000 tons of cargo on average every year.

  • The Port of Baie-Comeau also accommodates cruise ships, with more than a dozen stops annually.

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