Minister Alghabra marks first International Day for Commemorating Air Crash Victims and their Families


February 20, 2022         Ottawa              Transport Canada

The Honourable Omar Alghabra, Minister of Transport, issued this statement today to mark the first annual International Day for Commemorating Air Crash Victims and their Families:

“Today, on the first International Day for Commemorating Air Crash Victims and their Families, we join with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and other international partners to stand with the victims and families who have been profoundly affected by air tragedies around the world.

“Those victims and family members have our full support. We grieve with them, and we remember the lives lost.

“Canada has been scarred by the devastation of air tragedies. In 2020, Iran shot down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 (PS752), tragically taking the lives of all 176 innocent people on board, including 55 Canadian citizens, 30 permanent residents, and many others with ties to Canada. The year before, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 (ET302) crashed on its way to Nairobi, Kenya, claiming the lives of 157 people, including 18 Canadians and many others with ties to Canada. In 1985, 280 Canadians lost their lives in the terrorist bombing of Air India Flight 182.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proclaimed January 8 as Canada’s National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Air Disasters. We welcome this opportunity to further commemorate and mourn the victims globally and to support the families left behind.

“We are also working to prevent future tragedies. Through the Safer Skies Initiative, together with our international partners, we are increasing the level of safety and security for commercial airlines in or near conflict zones. The safety and security of travellers is always my number one priority.

“We invite all Canadians to join us in remembering the victims of air tragedies and keeping them in our thoughts.”


Laurel Lennox
Press Secretary
Office of the Honourable Omar Alghabra
Minister of Transport, Ottawa

Media Relations
Transport Canada, Ottawa

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