Minister Alghabra marks National Aviation Day


February 23, 2022          Ottawa           Transport Canada

The Honourable Omar Alghabra, Minister of Transport, issued this statement today to mark National Aviation Day:

“February 23 marks the anniversary of Canada’s first powered flight in Canada, when, in 1909, pilot J.A.D. McCurdy flew the Silver Dart nearly 800 metres in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. This first flight over 100 years ago paved the way for today’s dedicated aviation and commercial pilots to connect people and move goods safely and quickly across our country and around the world.

“Every year, on February 23, we take time to recognize the special role that aviation plays in bringing us together. This year, we also want to recognize and celebrate the incredible work of the many aviation workers across the industry who continue to respond to the pandemic and help to keep Canadians and travellers safe.

“Aviation is an integral part of Canadian life. From visiting friends and family, to travelling for business, or getting goods to Canadian households, Canadians rely on a safe and efficient aviation system to support and sustain our vibrant communities. Today, we celebrate our rich history in aviation and our world-renowned reputation as a global leader for aviation safety.

“The pandemic has highlighted the important role Canada’s aviation sector plays in our country’s economy, and in sustaining the social and economic well-being of our communities. In addition to supporting personal travel, aviation is a key connector for Canada’s business, health care, social services, and emerging resource development sectors.

“As Canada works towards recovery, investments in our aviation sector continue to be crucial to maintain safety, security, and connectivity for travellers, workers, and communities. Our investments also help ensure Canada’s aviation industry is well positioned to recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

“As we move forward with the safe and gradual return of activity in the aviation sector in a way that continues to support the health, safety, and security of all Canadians, it will be imperative that we continue to ensure a robust and competitive Canadian air sector. Our Government’s support will help airlines and airports invest in the infrastructure and tools needed to help re-invigorate the industry and allow Canadians to feel safe and secure when they travel.”

“Please join me in celebrating the many people throughout Canada’s aviation history and in the aviation community who were instrumental in shaping Canada’s aviation safety, strength and success.”


Laurel Lennox
Press Secretary
Office of the Honourable Omar Alghabra
Minister of Transport, Ottawa   

Media Relations
Transport Canada, Ottawa

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