Minister of Transport announces funding for the second phase of the Port Weller Dry Docks Cargo Terminal Project

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May 24, 2023             Ontario              Transport Canada  

An efficient and reliable transportation system is essential to making life more affordable for Canadians and combat the rising cost of living. The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring our supply chains grow the economy and create good, middle-class jobs for Canadians, while ensuring they are resilient and adaptive to the impacts of climate change.

Today, the Minister of Transport, the Honourable Omar Alghabra, announced an investment of up to $5.2 million, under the National Trade Corridors Fund, for the second phase of the Port Weller Dry Docks Cargo Terminal Project.

This project will improve the areas of the port that are being used for the handling of cargo. It will also develop around 11 acres of land that is available, but not being used, from the dockside to the cement trans-loading facility, as well as around the cargo laydown and handling area.

As demand for cement continues to rise, and there is less land for port development, this project will increase capacity in the Niagara ports network. It will also improve transportation connections between Niagara ports, making it easier and more efficient to deliver goods to different markets.

The Government of Canada keeps investing to make the country's supply chain stronger, to boost economic growth and to create more opportunities for our businesses to grow internationally. This represents another long-term commitment to work with stakeholders on important infrastructure projects to address transportation bottlenecks, vulnerabilities, and congestion along Canada’s trade corridors.


“The National Trade Corridors Fund improves the strength and efficiency of the supply chain, which is key to the success of Canadian companies in the global marketplace. The dry docks cargo terminal project will increase capacity, improve connectivity, and reduce costs for end-users, especially those impacted by the shortage of domestic supply in Ontario.”

The Honourable Omar Alghabra
Minister of Transport

“This investment into the Port Weller Dry Docks Terminal Project reaffirms our government’s commitment to working alongside the marine shipping industry to strengthen our supply chain and increase efficiency. This will improve our region’s ability to handle cargo and is exciting news for economic development in Niagara.”

Chris Bittle
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Member of Parliament for St. Catharines

“Today’s announcement signifies the growth of the supply chains along the Niagara Ports Trade Corridor. The investment strengthens Niagara’s international trade performance, in turn, contributing to both Niagara’s and the nation’s economy.”

Vance Badawey
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister Indigenous Services and Member of Parliament for Niagara Centre

“On behalf of Heddle Shipyards, I would like to thank the Honorable Minister Alghabra and Transport Canada for their continued support for our maritime economy. The investment in the Port Weller Dry Docks facility will strengthen the local supply chain and promote further growth in the marine industry, which will benefit not just our companies but our regional, provincial and national economies.”

Ted Kirkpatrick
Director of Business Development and Government Relations, Heddle Shipyards

“The Government of Canada’s support of the National Trade Corridors Fund is enabling Canadian businesses to be more competitive in the global market while maximizing efficiencies for local users”

Steve Martin
Director of Sales & Business Development, Stubbe’s

Quick facts

  • The Government of Canada, through the National Trade Corridors Fund, is investing to help goods move smoothly throughout Canada's supply chains.

  • The National Trade Corridors Fund is a competitive, merit-based program designed to help infrastructure owners and users invest in the critical transportation assets that support economic activity in Canada. A total of $4.6 billion over 11 years (2017-2028) has been allocated to the program.

  • Through the National Trade Corridors Fund, Transport Canada is supporting improvements to Canada’s roads, rail, air, and marine shipping routes to foster domestic and international trade.

  • The National Trade Corridors Fund’s Increasing the Fluidity of Canada’s Supply Chains call for proposals supports fluid and reliable trade flows between Canada and global markets, as well as internal trade corridors.

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Nadine Ramadan
Press Secretary
Office of the Honourable Omar Alghabra
Minister of Transport, Ottawa

Media Relations 
Transport Canada, Ottawa 

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