Government of Canada Guide to Costing

Costing is a key business management function and the Guide to Costing is an important enabler to develop costing information for a multitude of needs. Costing supports legislation and numerous policy instruments. It provides guidance and practical advice on preparing costing information and is based on a consistent seven-step approach. It will support both departmental and central agency cost information needs and will contribute to accountability, transparency, strengthened decision-making and informed risk-taking.

The Guide includes a toolkit with checklists and templates that reinforce the seven-step approach. It should be used by both TBS and departments as the official reference on costing. The Guide should be used by financial officers when called upon to perform costing, give costing advice or attest to the accuracy and relevance of costing information. It should be equally useful to TBS in performing its challenge role.


This link will bring you to individual, printable versions of the seven checklists that also appear in Annex B – Costing Toolkit of the Guide to Costing.

As described in the Guide to Costing, these checklists should be considered a minimum standard. As such, departments and agencies are encouraged to supplement the checklists, and their supporting internal sign-off processes, making them as detailed as required to meet their internal control and accountability needs.

These checklists reinforce and correspond to each of the seven steps in the Guide to Costing. They should be used according to the guidance provided in the Guide to Costing and the specific instructions contained in its Annex B – Costing Toolkit

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