Emily Howard Stowe (1831 – 1903)

Emily Howard Stowe
Library and Archives Canada/C-009480

Dr. Emily Howard Stowe was a crusader for the rights of women and the first Canadian woman to practice medicine. Since medical schools in Canada denied entry to women students, Stowe applied and was accepted to the New York Medical College for Women, where she graduated in 1867. She returned to Canada and opened a medical practice in Toronto, although she was not licensed until 1880. Stowe worked tirelessly to ensure women could study at medical schools in Canada, and in 1883, she helped establish the Ontario Medical College for Women. That same year, the Toronto Women's Literary Club, which Stowe had established in 1876, was renamed the Canadian Women's Suffrage Association. Stowe is credited with founding Canada's suffrage movement.

“My career has been one of much struggle characterized by the usual persecution which attends everyone who pioneers a new movement or steps out of line with established custom.”

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