May Cohen

May Cohen
Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Dr. May Cohen is a leading proponent of gender equality who has repeatedly challenged the medical profession on the way it responds to the health concerns of female patients. Born in Montréal, she graduated at the top of her class in 1955 from the University of at a time when few medical school students were women. After 20 years as a family physician, Dr. Cohen joined the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University and eventually served as Associate Dean of Health Services. In 1991, she co-founded the Women's Health Office at McMaster, the first of its kind in Canada. Several other Ontario medical schools followed her lead, resulting in the creation of the Women's Health Interschool Curriculum Committee. Cohen has received numerous honours, including induction into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame and a Governor General's Award in Commemoration of the Persons Case.

"Gender has a tremendous impact on health."

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