Case study development template

[name] Case study

Note: Watch the How to design and deliver successful GBA Plus training video before using this template to develop your case study.



Start with a short (one paragraph) description of the issue.


Create a short description of the task – try to keep to one sentence and focus on one question.

For the purpose of this training, you are the working group assigned to conduct the GBA Plus on the […]


Define the context (who, what, when, where, why), key players / decision-makers, data, stakeholder analysis, public environment, and any other information that might help to inform the GBA Plus.

It is important to complete a GBA Plus of the case study in order to provide the facilitator guidance in prompting participants. Participants are likely to generate further ideas and analysis which can be added to the facilitator guide.

Use the Demystifying GBA Plus job aid to guide and document your GBA Plus.

Annex [X]: [title]

Your annexes will include any data, research, resources, related analysis, etc. that the learner will require to complete the case study GBA Plus. These resources may be provided in hard copy, or by links to relevant online resources. You will likely have a number of annexes, which can be raw data or a summary of a number of data sources.


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