Gender-based Analysis Plus training: Sample evaluation form


Strongly agree Strongly disagree
5 4 3 2 1
1. Now that you have completed the course, do you feel that you can:
  • Recognize how sex, gender and diversity can influence the outcomes of federal government initiatives
  • Describe GBA Plus and how it can be used to inform federal government policies, programs and initiatives
  • Identify GBA Plus expectations and requirements for the use of GBA Plus in the Government of Canada
  • Apply some basic GBA Plus concepts and processes to your work
3. The course objectives were relevant to the subject-matter.
4. The course content was presented clearly. Directions and instructions were clear and jargon-free.
5. The course material was balanced between theory, practical activities and relevant examples.
6. The activities were relevant to the course objectives.
7. The sequence of the course revealed information in a logical progression.
8. The course held your interest and attention.
9. The course is neither too difficult nor too simplistic.

Thank you for attending!

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