Gender-based Analysis Plus training: Sample half-day facilitator lesson plan A (general focus)

--- Agenda overview and training timeline ---

Time and duration Agenda item
Sequence and details
Speaking points Who Resources
9:00am | 2 mins

Welcome and introduction

Facilitators introduce themselves

Highlight any relevant experience and expertise you possess

Reinforce why GBA Plus is important in Government of Canada context

Note: This is an opportunity for the facilitators to show credibility as GBA Plus trainers for this workshop.

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9:02am | 10-15 mins*

*Allow 1 minute per participant

Participant introductions (roundtable)

  • Name
  • Position / job title
  • Branch
Any question you ask as part of the roundtable should feed into the objectives and activities of the workshop. Some examples (use one):
  1. What is one question you would like answered by the end of the workshop? (Flipchart the responses so that you can respond or refer to throughout the workshop)
  2. Give an example of how you have used GBA Plus in your work or where you think it should have been used but was not?
Note: Spending time on introductions is useful for participants to get to know each other (which will facilitate the small group work later in the workshop) and it can allow the facilitator to gain insight into the experiences and goals of the participants.
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9:15am | 5 mins

Overview of the session

  • Workshop objectives and approach
  • Housekeeping
  • Ground rules

The objectives of today’s workshop are: _____________

To achieve these objectives, we will be using a number of teaching and learning formats/methods (approach), including: presentations, discussions and group activities.

Housekeeping (logistics of the workshop): agenda (workshop hours and breaks); workbook/materials; cell phones/BBs on silent; location of restrooms and emergency exits

Ground rules: ask questions and participate; share your knowledge and experience; respect and be patient with others; and, learn from each other

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9:20am | 10-15 mins

GBA Plus basics warm up activity (GBA Plus game)

Review of the GBA Plus online course

  • Organize the group into a minimum of 3 teams
  • Outline the rules of the game
  • Play!
  • (having prizes is useful)

Note: This is an activity to ease participants into the content and to confirm the learning from the GBA Plus online course. In a half-day format, you will not have time to complete this activity. You can play the game for a specified amount of time or you can select only some of the categories to review. Use this as an opportunity to ensure everyone understands the basic concepts before moving forward with more advanced content.


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Game (PPT)

Game Answer Key (print out of PPT in Outline view)

9:35am | 15 mins

GBA Plus at (your organization)

Outline the GBA Plus structure, accountabilities and any key terms or processes for your department or agency.

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9:50am | 25 mins

Activity: Reviewing a GBA Plus

  • Explanation of process (2 mins)
  • Reading (5 mins)
  • Brainstorming in small groups (10 mins)
  • Reporting back in plenary (8 mins)

Note: For all small-group activities, the facilitator(s) should rotate around the room from group-to-group ensuring that they are in the right track. It can be helpful to develop some probing questions to ask the group to get them on-track.

In this activity, participants will review an example of a completed GBA Plus and will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the example.

Note: The forest sector case study (Module 3) from the GBA Plus online course is an example of a completed GBA Plus which could be used as a model for this activity.

For this activity, the GBA Plus should have some weaknesses that participants can identify (for example, gaps in research or not using the research to develop GBA Plus-informed options).

A completed version of the GBA Plus should be included in the facilitator guide for the activity (highlighting what you have left out).


Participant handout

Facilitator guide (includes answers and probing questions)

Flip charts (one per table) & markers

10:15am | 15 mins ----- Break -----   
10:30 am | 30 mins

70 mins total with reporting back

Activity: GBA Plus Case study – Part A

  • Explanation of process (5 mins)
  • Reading (5 mins)
  • Brainstorming in small groups (20 mins)

This is a two part case study with a goal of getting participants to think through and apply some of the steps of the GBA Plus process (which they would have reviewed in the GBA Plus online course – consider showing GBA Plus step by step as a quick review). In Part A, participants could review information and stakeholder perspectives on the case study issue.

Note: Depending on the kind of organization you are working with/in, you may want to use different kinds of case studies for this activity, such as one on the application of GBA Plus or one on the development of a GBA Plus framework.


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Participant handout

Facilitator guide (includes answers and probing questions)

Flip charts (one per table) and markers

GBA Plus step by step microlearning and job aid

Case study information and stakeholder perspectives

11:00 am | 40 mins

Activity: GBA Plus Case study – Part B

  • Brainstorming in small groups (15 mins)
  • Reporting back and discussion (25 mins)

In part B, participants could define some of the GBA Plus related issues and develop some GBA Plus informed options.

Remind participants where they should be in the case study process and how much time they have remaining to complete the work.

11:40am | 5 mins Back at Work: Support and Resources This is an opportunity to present any resources and support available to participants within the department and from WAGE.   Slide _____
11:45am | 10-15 mins Ending Roundtable Ask participants to provide one of the following:
  • a key element they are taking away from the workshop to apply in their work
  • something they were surprised to learn about GBA Plus
  • any evaluative comments they wish to share
  Slide _____
11:55am | 5 mins Closing remarks and Evaluation Hand out the evaluation form and ask participants to complete it on-site before they leave.   Workshop evaluation

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