Sample half-day facilitator lesson plan B (HR focus)

--- Agenda Overview and Training Timeline ---

Time | Duration Agenda items title Who Resources
8:00am | 5 mins 1. Welcome and introduction    
8:05am | 15 mins 2. Roundtable (participant introductions)    
8:20am | 5 mins 3. Housekeeping and ground rules    
8:25am | 30 mins 4. Review (game)    
8:55am |20 mins 5. GBA Plus in your sector    
9:15am |15 mins 6. Your diversity    
9:30am | 30 mins 7. Challenging assumptions and uncovering barriers (profiles / stories)    
10:00am | 15 mins --- Health break ---    
10:15am | 15 mins 8. GBA Plus Framework review and best-practices    
10:30am | 60 mins 9. Applying GBA Plus to your sector    
11:40am | 15 mins 10. Final roundtable (back at work)    
11:55am| 5 mins 11. Closing remarks and evaluation    

--- Session plans for each agenda item ---

Agenda items title: 1. Welcome and introduction
Time and duration: 8:00am | 5 mins
Sequence / Process details:
  • Facilitators introduce themselves
  • Review session objectives and approach (format)
  • Review agenda
  • Remind importance of GBA Plus


Speaking points:

We will be using a number of teaching and learning formats, including:

  • presentations
  • discussions
  • group and individual exercises
Resources: PPT slide #__
Note: Your introduction provides an opportunity to show credibility as a GBA Plus trainer for this workshop (i.e. talk about your experience in GBA Plus and your role within the department).
Agenda items title: 2. Roundtable (participant introductions)
Time and duration: 8:05am | 15 mins (approximately 1 minute per participant)
Sequence / Process details:
  • Explain how roundtable will work (what will each person need to say)
  • Facilitator introduces him/herself using roundtable questions as an example
Speaking points:
  • Name
  • Position / Job title
  • Branch
  • Additional GBA Plus-related question (optional) – see note below

PPT slide #__ (with questions) + flip chart and markers


Spending time on this agenda item is useful for participants to get to know each other and to hear what others are hoping for/grappling with in their work (even if you have also done a pre-course assessment to clarify participant objectives).

It can help to facilitate discussion among participants (at breaks and lunch) and also help them to identify colleagues who may be facing similar issues in terms of GBA Plus application and provide opportunities to collaborate in the future.

This agenda item is especially important if you are planning on developing a GBA Plus network of people who’ve taken the course.

In addition to the usual introductory information presented by participants, it can be useful to add an additional question, related to GBA Plus. The kind of question you ask depends on what you would like to draw out from participants and what you feel can respond to during the workshop.

For example, if you ask: “What is one question you would like answered by the end of the workshop?” you could write down the responses on a flip chart and try to address them throughout the session. It might also be helpful to have a flip chart marked “Parking Lot” where you can put questions, comments and concerns that come up in the roundtable and throughout the day that cannot be addressed, usually because they are not relevant to the goals of the training session or you need to gather additional information.

Another possible roundtable question: “Give an example of how you’ve used GBA Plus in your work to date.”

Agenda items title: 3. Housekeeping and ground rules
Time and duration:
8:20am | 5 mins (approximately 1.5 – 2 mins per participant)
Sequence / Process details:
  • Review logistics for the session
  • Ask participants to set some ground rules for the workshop
    • Write them down on a flip chart on the wall
    • If the group doesn’t provide any, you can offer the ones below
Speaking points:


  • workbook / materials
  • hours of the training session, break times and lunch
  • phone and room number for emergencies
  • cell phone/BBs should be on silent mode, please leave the room if you need to answer a call
  • location of restrooms and emergency exits

Ground rules:

  • Ask questions and participate
  • Share your knowledge and experience
  • Respect and be patient with others
  • Learn from each other
  • Smile, laugh and have fun!
Resources: PPT slide #__ + flip chart and markers
Agenda items title: 4. Review (game)
Time and duration: 8:25am | 30 mins
Sequence / Process details:
  • Explain purpose of the game
  • Outline the rules of the game (process)
  • Divide the group into three teams
  • Play!
Speaking points: What do you remember from the on-line GBA Plus course?This game will be a review of some of the basic concepts to ensure we are all starting with the same definitions.

Game (PPT) + answer key


Having a small prize can help to encourage participation

Agenda items title: 5. GBA Plus in your sector
Time and duration: 8:55am | 20 mins
Sequence / Process details:
  • Provide an overview of the gender and diversity breakdown of the sector or department
    • Percentage of women, people with disabilities, etc.
    • Percentage of women in management / leadership positions
    • Compared to other sectors?
    • Are women concentrated in certain jobs?
  • What kinds of gender or diversity policies exist in the department or sector?
Speaking points:  

PPT slide #__


This session is all about challenging assumptions. Where do we think we stand in terms of diversity representation versus the real numbers?

Agenda items title: 6. Your diversity
Time and duration: 9:15am | 15 mins
Sequence / Process details:
  • Participants will read a handout on "Your Diversity"
  • In pairs, participants will discuss their diversity and the opportunities or challenges that are may exist in the workplace as a result.
    • The question "Can I remember a time when I did not feel respected in my workplace?" might help participants to uncover the occasions which can create barriers for them
Speaking points:  

PPT slide #__+ Handout



Agenda items title: 7. Challenging assumptions and uncovering barriers
Time and duration: 9:30am | 45 mins (15 mins per profile)
Sequence / Process details:
  • Small-group activity
  • Participants at each table will read three profiles/stories (each profile will highlight a different issue, such as sexism, homophobia, ageism or civilian members) and identify the assumptions and barriers presented in each and propose solutions.
    • The profiles should combine formal and informal practices and barriers
    • Consider highly segregated parts of the organization (might help lead into discussion of GBA Plus framework in agenda item #8)
Speaking points:  

PPT slide #__+ Profile handouts


In this session, participants will use profiles / stories to uncover formal and informal practices which can create barriers for different groups of employees.

Agenda items title: --- Health break ---
Time and duration: 10:15am | 15 mins
This can be an opportunity to talk to any participants who had questions which were not addressed fully or who seem to be struggling with the information.
Agenda items title: 8. GBA Plus Framework review and best practices
Time and duration: 10:30am | 15 mins
Sequence / Process details:
  • Review elements of a GBA Plus Framework
  • Present best practices for implementing a sustainable GBA Plus Framework and for becoming a gender responsive security institution.
Speaking points:  

PPT slide #__



Agenda items title: 9. Applying GBA Plus to your sector
Time and duration: 10:45am | 45 mins
Sequence / Process details:
  • Take a best-practice and adapt it to apply to your own organization
  • This will look different for senior vs. middle managers
    • Senior managers might focus on promotional processes or change management techniques
    • Middle managers might focus on informal practices/culture within their internal unit of responsibility
Speaking points:  

PPT slide #_



In this session, participants should use the knowledge they've gained throughout the day to develop an action plan for implementing at least one element of a GBA Plus Framework within their organization.

Agenda items title: 10. Final roundtable (back at work)
Time and duration: 11:30am | 25 mins
Sequence / Process details:
  • Ask participants to provide one key element they will take away from the training to use in their work and any evaluative comments they wish to share.
Speaking points:
  • One key element you will take away from the Workshop to use in your work, or
  • Something you learned today that you didn't expect to learn, or
  • Any evaluative comments you wish to share.
PPT slide #__
Agenda items title: 11. Closing remarks and evaluation
Time and duration: 11:55am | 5 mins
Sequence / Process details:
  • Distribute the workshop evaluation
Speaking points:  
Resources: Evaluation (hand-out)

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