Gender equality around the world

Through the Gender Results Framework, the federal government is making measurable progress towards Canada’s gender equality goals. On this page, you will find the gender equality goal for gender equality around the world, why this goal matters, its objectives and indicators, as well as the key Government of Canada initiatives in this area.

Gender equality around the world


Promoting gender equality to build a more peaceful, inclusive, rules-based and prosperous world.

Why this goal matters

Canada is committed to eliminating poverty, and building a more peaceful, inclusive and prosperous world. The Government will invest in women’s empowerment and gender equality as the best ways to achieve these objectives, grounded in the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. Numerous studies tell us this is the right course. It has been estimated that achieving gender equality around the world could increase global GDP by $12 trillion over 10 years. And there are strong correlations between gender inequalities and extreme poverty. For these reasons and more, Canada is pursuing a feminist approach across all its international policies and programming, including diplomacy, trade, security, and development.

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Objectives and indicators

Feminist international approach to all policies and programs, including diplomacy, trade, security and development:

Increased and meaningful participation of women in peace and security efforts

More women in leadership and decision-making roles, and stronger women’s rights organizations

More women and girls have access to sexual and reproductive health services and their rights are promoted

More of Canada’s trade agreements include gender related provisions

More women have equitable access and control over the resources they need to build their own economic success and the economic success of their communities

Fewer people are victims of sexual and gender-based violence and sexual exploitation, including in conflict settings and online

More girls and women access quality education and skills training

Key Government of Canada initiatives

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