Backgrounder - Government of Canada announces new federal investment to strengthen the economic security and prosperity of Indigenous women in Southern Alberta


Department for Women and Gender Equality – Women’s Program

One of the ways the Department for Women and Gender Equality advances gender equality in Canada is by providing funding to eligible organizations through the Women’s Program. Projects are selected via calls for proposals on specific themes, as well as through a continuous intake process that allows the Women’s Program to address emerging issues as they arise.

The Women’s Program funds projects that address systemic barriers to women’s participation and equality in Canadian society in three priority areas: ending violence against women and girls, improving the economic security and prosperity of women and girls, and encouraging women and girls in leadership roles.

Calls for Proposals – Addressing the Economic Security and Prosperity of Indigenous Women

On October 2, 2017, the Minister launched a call for proposals entitled Addressing the Economic Security and Prosperity of Indigenous Women for projects to address the economic security and prosperity of Indigenous women and advance gender equality in Canada. Fifteen projects across the country are receiving close to $5 million in funding through this call for proposals.

With this call for proposals, Indigenous organizations and governments were invited to implement projects designed to advance economic security and prosperity for Indigenous women by engaging them, their communities and the private sector to build on their strengths, identify opportunities, and address issues affecting their economic security or limiting their economic success.

Opokaa’sin Early Intervention Society

Established in 1996, Opokaa’sin Early Intervention Society’s mandate is to strengthen and nurture Indigenous families through Blackfoot ways of knowing. The organization is committed to building strong, resilient communities by working with families using a holistic and Indigenous approach, and recognizing the need for community collaboration and connection.

Project Description

Opokaa’sin Early Intervention Society is receiving $350,000 for a three-year project entitled Blackfoot Women's Empowerment from Security to Prosperity that will empower Blackfoot women to overcome the social, economic, and geographic barriers to their prosperity, whether they live on or off reserve. Opokaa’sin will encourage Indigenous women in Blackfoot confederacies to participate in leadership roles, conduct a Gender-based Analysis Plus on the role of women in cultural and community practices, and develop and implement a strategy to advance the economic security of women in all Blackfoot confederacies.

The project is bringing together three community partners to support its objectives, including the Centre for Oral History and Tradition, the Sik Ooh Kotoki Friendship Centre, and the Alberta First Nations Information Governance Centre.

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