Backgrounder – The Governments of Canada and Ontario sign bilateral agreement to end gender-based violence


Launched on November 9, 2022, the National Action Plan to End Gender-based Violence (GBV) is a concrete step towards fulfilling a long-standing commitment of federal, provincial, and territorial governments to working together towards a Canada free of GBV, a Canada that supports victims/survivors and their families from coast to coast to coast.

The National Action Plan builds on existing federal, provincial, and territorial approaches and strategies to prevent and address GBV.

The five pillars of the National Action Plan are support for victims, survivors, and their families; prevention; a responsive justice system; implementing Indigenous-led approaches; and social infrastructure and an enabling environment. Provinces and territories will prioritize their actions under these five pillars based on the specific needs related to gender-based violence in their jurisdictions.

To date, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, Nunavut, Yukon, Alberta, Northwest Territories, and Ontario have announced bilateral agreements and are continuing their work to implement the National Action Plan. Over the coming months, Women and Gender Equality Canada will continue to work to establish bilateral agreements with all provinces and territories to support the Plan’s implementation.

The 2021 Federal Budget committed $601.3 million over five years to advancing towards a new national action plan to end gender-based violence, and Budget 2022 confirmed an investment of $539.3 million over five years, starting in 2022–23, including $525 million to support provinces and territories in their efforts to implement the National Action Plan to End Gender-based Violence.

For more information, visit National Action Plan to End Gender-based Violence.

Note: Gender-based violence is a priority for the Government of Quebec, which has invested significant funds to end violence against women. However, although it supports the overall objectives of the National Action Plan to End Gender-based Violence, the Government of Quebec cannot adhere to it because it intends to retain its full responsibility in this area on its territory. Through an agreement that respects its autonomy, the Government of Quebec expects to receive its fair share of federal funding to support the programs, initiatives, and services to end gender-based violence that it puts in place based on the needs of its territory.

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