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General Enquiries:

Telephone: 613-954-6350
Fax: 613-957-3170

Note: For information about your case, please contact the tribunal directly.

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Administrative Tribunals Support Service of Canada
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Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP):

About access to information and privacy

The Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act came into effect on July 1, 1983. These acts serve to make government more open and transparent and allow you to fully participate in the democratic process.

  • The Access to Information Act gives individuals a right to access records under the control of a federal government institution.
  • The main principles of this Act are:
    • Government information should be available to the public
    • Exemptions to this right should be limited and specific
    • Decisions on disclosure of information should be reviewed independently of government.
  • It's not for accessing your own personal information.
  • The Privacy Act provides the right to individuals to access and request correction to their personal information held by a federal government institution.
  • This act also contains a procedure for requesting the correction of inaccuracies in personal information.

Making requests under the Access to Information Act:

Who can make a request under Access to Information act?

  • Any Canadian citizen.
  • permanent resident.
  • any person or corporation present in Canada has the right to request access to records of government institutions.

If you don't meet these criteria, you can have an individual or corporation present in Canada make the request on your behalf.


There is a $5.00 application fee. If you choose to send the application by mail, then please include payment by cash, cheque or money order with your request (Payable to the Receiver General of Canada).

Note: Before making an access to information request, you can search the summaries of access to information requests for records that have already been released by the Government of Canada to see if you can find what you are looking for there (Transparency at ATSSC).

You may also be interested in visiting the Government's Open Government Portal.

Making requests under the Privacy Act:

Who can make a request under Privacy Act?

  • Canadians and foreign nationals can request access to their personal information held by federal government institutions that are subject to the Privacy Act.

Please note that we can only disclose information related to yourself. If the records contain personal information of other individuals, their full name, date of birth, a copy of government issued photo ID and written consent is required in order to release their personal information to you. You may send this to the undersigned via regular mail or e-mail or attach it in your online application under additional documents.


You must include a photocopy of government-issued photo identification with the signature showing (for example: driver's license or health card).


There is no cost for a Privacy Act request.

Privacy Notice Statement

In order to process your request for personal information under the Privacy Act, the Administrative Tribunals Support Services of Canada (ATSSC) is required to collect your government-issued identification for the purpose of verifying your identity. ATSSC will only use your personal information in order to validate your identity and ensure that your personal information is released to you, or an authorized individual or organization.

Your personal information is collected pursuant to paragraph subsection 8(2) of the Privacy Regulations under the Privacy Act, and in accordance with Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s (TBS) Directive on Personal Information Requests and Correction of Personal information. ATSSC may ask for additional identification that is adequate for the sensitivity of the requested information.

You have the right to the protection of, access to, and correction of your personal information, which is described in standard Personal Information Bank PSU 901 (Access to Information and Privacy Act Requests). Instructions for obtaining this information are outlined in the government publication entitled Information about programs and information holdings.

Refusal to produce your identification as required will result in the termination of your request.

Under the Privacy Act, you have the right to access your personal information and request corrections to your information. You have the right to file a complaint with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding ATSSC’s handling of your personal information.

Submit your request online

The Access to Information and Privacy Online Request Service offers a convenient way to submit access to information or personal information requests.

This service:

  • enables individuals to make online requests for information under the control of Government of Canada institutions.
  • Eliminates the need to print, scan and email or mail a form to the correct institution.

The Government of Canada's online portal lists the information you should have on hand before submitting your request.

Submit request online

Submit a request by email or mail

If you can't make a request online, you can complete the relevant form and email it to or mail it to the address below.

Access to Information and Privacy

Administrative Tribunals Support Service of Canada, Government of Canada

240 Sparks Street, 4th floor West
Ottawa ON K1A 0E1

Telephone: 613-853-2870
Fax: 613-957-3170

Submit a request to correct your personal information

Subsection 12(2) of the Privacy Act and Subsection 11(1) of the act's Regulations give individuals the right to request that a correction be made to their personal information if they believe an error or omission has been made. Please note that personal opinions or views of other about an individual cannot be corrected.

To make a formal request to correct your personal information under the act, please complete the following form and/or provide us with a letter clearly stating what information you need corrected.

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