AgriCommunication Initiative connects farmers and Canadians 


December 9, 2021 – Ottawa, Ontario – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

As part of the Government of Canada’s efforts to help build stronger links between Canadians and the farmers that work hard to grow our food, applications are now being accepted for a new program under the AgriCommunication Initiative.

Program Priorities

The program will support activities that increase appreciation and pride in the contributions of farmers and food businesses. The program will support projects that promote consumer awareness of the strengths of Canada’s agriculture sector. Projects will also help enhance Canadians’ trust in sustainability, animal care, and efforts to reduce food waste.

The program will prioritize projects that focus on:

  • Consumer awareness – increase Canadian consumers’ appreciation of industry’s efforts in farming practices
    • seminars designed to inform Canadian consumers of specific attributes of Canadian agriculture and agri-food,
    • information dissemination through communication strategies (for example, social media, digital platforms, influencers, web sites, videos),
    • develop consumer knowledge of agricultural practices through events, conferences, workshops, web sites, and community outreach to disseminate farm industry best practices and agricultural awareness.
  • Sector awareness – within the agricultural industry
    • develop educational material, technical training, tools and resources to strengthen information dissemination and adopt best practices to increase awareness of consumer concerns, preferences and wishes,
    • facilitate awareness and knowledge transfer of new and ongoing initiatives within the farming community through newsletters, digital tools, publications, brochures,
    • promote success stories and recognize leaders in industry.
  • Environmental sustainability – increase awareness of agricultural best practices, sustainability initiatives, technological advancements
    • increase consumer understanding of, and awareness of sustainability practices,
    • increase sector knowledge of best practices related to environmental sustainability,
    • development of digital communication tools to leverage industry strategies and data to increase public understanding, lead consumer knowledge and behaviour, and highlight agricultural-based solutions to fight climate change.

Funding of up to $8 million is available to support projects with eligible applicants.

Funding for projects will be through a cost-share ratio, with AAFC covering 70% and the recipients covering 30%. A more favourable cost-share may be applied for underrepresented groups within the agricultural sector, with AAFC covering 85% and the recipients covering 15%.


Eligible applicants include not-for-profit:

  • Associations
  • Indigenous groups

The program may also support activities undertaken by domestic agricultural fairs and exhibitions, which have broad agriculture awareness activities in helping strengthen public trust about the origin of the food they eat and how it is produced.

Regional or local organizations may be considered if they can demonstrate the ability to deliver a project that is sector-wide and national in scope. Support from national organizations may be required where relevant. Regional projects may also be considered if a national organization does not exist.

The following groups are not eligible to receive funding under the program:

  • academic institutions
  • commodity organizations
  • for-profit organizations
  • individuals

Application Process

An application form is available through AAFC’s web site. Completed forms can be submitted for funding consideration online. Additional documentation is also available on the web site to assist with the application process.

Receipt of applications will be acknowledged within one business day and applicants will be contacted if the package is incomplete.

Applications will be accepted starting on December 9, 2021 and on an ongoing basis until September 30, 2023 or until otherwise announced by the program, or until funding has been fully committed. The program ends March 31, 2024.

Applicants who can complete activities before March 31, 2022 are encouraged to contact the program immediately to discuss their application.

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