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CH147 Chinook (CH147310)


Petawawa, ON


20 June 2023

On 20 June the crew of Hammer 31, onboard aircraft CH147310, were conducting a scheduled two-hour night training syllabus mission as part of the Tactical First Officer Course. Two pilots and two Flight Engineers were onboard the aircraft at the time of the accident.

At the beginning of the mission, the crew executed a circuit on Final Approach and Take-Off Area 17, then departed to fly to confined area T40 in training area “E”, located 4 km North-North-East of Garrison Petawawa. Shortly after departure the helicopter turned left and, once cleared of the tree line on the west shore of the Ottawa river, descended to tactical altitudes as per the mission profile. While descending and still established in the left turn, the helicopter impacted the water with high energy at 00:10 local time.

The helicopter was destroyed. The two pilots perished in the accident and the two Flight Engineers successfully egressed the helicopter, receiving only minor injuries.

The investigation is focusing on human, technical, and environmental factors.

Credit: MCpl Wilson, CANSOFCOM
Crédit: Mr. Pearce, QETE

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