Command Team Perspective: Socializing TALENT and EXPERIENCE

Magazine Article / April 19, 2021

In the last issue of PERSpectives, we reaffirmed the need for open dialogue to identify areas for improvement within the RCAF and develop appropriate and attainable solutions. The implementation of Op EXPERIENCE ─the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) mission to stabilize and grow pilot and air maintainer occupations and experience levels─ and Op TALENT ─ the RCAF’s mission to stabilize and grow workforce capacity across all of our capabilities ─ remains an uppermost priority for us and yet we recognize that many of our people are still unfamiliar with both operations, or simply do not understand the difference between the two.

To address this, Brigadier-General Iain Huddleston, Director General Air Readiness, and BGen Mark Goulden, Deputy Commander 1 Canadian Air Division, took to the virtual road over the last couple of months and conducted online town hall events for several wings and headquarters. These sessions have provided great opportunities to improve the flow of information and ideas and enabled discussions surrounding the health of our tactical units, support to military families, the improvement of work-life balance and the need to embrace technology to better achieve the RCAF mission. The many related initiatives within Op TALENT are well within our power to address and implement. Other initiatives, in particular those involving improvements to compensation and benefits, are more complicated and time-consuming to execute but are clearly a priority. We hear you, we agree there is much work to be done, and we are engaging mightily with the responsible organizations to champion RCAF equities and reach favorable outcomes for RCAF personnel.

We urge you to familiarize yourselves with the work ongoing under Ops EXPERIENCE and TALENT by visiting Quality of life - Quality of service, and to help keep the dialogue going. Equally, we encourage you to join and initiate conversations on the newly minted rcafé website.

Speaking of support to military families, and as we prepare to launch into the 2021 posting season, we encourage you to check out the cooperative RCAF Family Connection Program (FCP), which was formerly known as the Family Sponsor Program. This revitalized program aims to build stronger families, stronger communities and, ultimately, a stronger fighting force for years to come. You’ll find more details, and information on how to connect with the FCP, in the article on page 4 of this newsletter.

Finally, recent revelations from within the CAF have shown us that we absolutely must continue to strive for an inclusive and supportive workplace within which all of our team members can thrive. Your Command Team is committed to working together with you and to keeping the lines of communication open. Keep each other safe and stay engaged, so together we can achieve better quality of life and quality of service for everyone.

Lieutenant-General A.D. Meinzinger, Commander RCAF

Chief Warrant Officer Denis Gaudreault, RCAF CWO

Date Location
29 January 5 Wing, Goose Bay, NL
1 February 9 Wing, Gander, NL
19 February 4 Wing, Cold Lake, AB
23 February 19 Wing, Comox, BC
24 February 2 Canadian Air Division
23 March National Capital Region Headquarters
25 March 1 Wing, Kingston, ON

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