The Royal Canadian Air Force Journal - 2013 Volume 2, Issue 4

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Full Edition (PDF, 4692kB)

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Editor’s Message (PDF, 218kB)
Major Bill March, CD

Letters to the Editor (PDF, 243kB)
Lieutenant-Colonel Dave Bashow (Retired)

Operation BRIDGE: A Bold Leap towards the Cyclone(PDF, 933kB)
Colonel Sam Michaud, OMM, M.S.M., CD (Retired)

Individual Training and Education Modernization (pdf, 366kB)
Lieutenant-Colonel Debbie Miller

A History of the Mediterranean Air War, 1940–1945, Volume One: North Africa, June 1940 – January 1942 (PDF, 297kB) by Christopher Shores and Giovanni Massimello with Russell Guest
Review by Major Chris Buckham, CD M.A.

Broken Arrow: America′s First Lost Nuclear Weapon (PDF, 311kB) by Norman S. Leach
Review by Dr. Sean M. Maloney

Clashes: Air Combat over North Vietnam 1965–1972 (PDF, 373kB) by Marshall L. Michel III
Review by Captain Richard Moulton

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